MSc in Health Services Management
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Περιγραφή Προγράμματος

The MSc in Health Services Management is designed to provide an opportunity for students to develop their knowledge in the specified areas of health services management and to ensure that every student is fully informed regarding the continuing development of the health services environment and can effectively apply the theory they learn to practice.
The MSc in Health Services Management is designed to encourage and support health professionals' involvement in the developing, demanding and changing market of health services.

The MSc in Health Services Management is designed also to enable students to explore health services themes/concepts in depth, inter-related health services concepts and apply health services management theory to complex problems.

The objectives of the Programme are to ensure that on successful completion students will:
Have developed their abilities to examine and analyse health-based management situations, solve problems, generate and use information relevant to health services management, make decisions and review results.
Have developed the ability to relate theoretical aspects of health services management in a variety of settings to the practical application of health services management.
Have developed an awareness of, and sensitivity to, health market-related issues and either operational or organisational issues relevant to healthcare organisations.
Have developed themselves as individuals through a deeper understanding of health care management theory and an enhancement of management related skills, including personal skills.
Have developed an awareness of strategic issues and the ability to contribute to the formation as well as the implementation of health services management strategies.

Students are expected to gain knowledge and understanding of
The manager's contribution to a more effective and efficient health care system.
The management of relationships.
The tools of developing and maintaining efficient and effective health care organisations.
Key organisational processes.
The economic dimensions of the health care field.
Explanatory analyses of a number of health-related issues and evaluative analyses of emphasis on testing aspects of health care resource use.
The principles and concepts of marketing as they apply to health care organisations.
The fundamentals of the healthcare research process.
An interdisciplinary perspective of quality management in healthcare, taking into account a number of disciplines, including Operations Management Organisational Behaviour, and Health Services Research.
The applications of logistics and the role of supply chain management in health care sector.
How information systems can support high quality patient care and improve management decisions in health care organisations.
The issues of financial management in health care.
The basic principles involved in health care ethics and the ethical controversies encountered by those who work in the healthcare field.

Κριτήρια Εισαγωγής

The normal entry requirements for the programme are: A lower second-class UK degree or equivalent international degree in a business or non-business related discipline.

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Master of Science

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