BSc (Hons) in Internet Engineering and Web Management
New York College
Σε συνεργασία με: University of Greenwich

New York College

Περιγραφή Προγράμματος

This programme delivers a detailed knowledge of systems design and analysis, networking, website management and business-to-business communications concepts. This programme of study will help students gain a broad understanding of the software and hardware technologies used to build internet-based computing systems. Students will also have the opportunity to develop a critical insight of management issues relating to the computing and telecommunications industry. The programme emphasises inter-personal teamwork skills as strongly as technical topics. Additionally, there are core courses in management and professional practice.


  • Year 1
    Introduction to Computer Networking
    Programming Technologies
    Computer and Communications Engineering Applications
    Computer Modelling and Applied Mathematics
  • Year 2
    Web Applications for Business
    Systems Development
    Systems Programming Technologies
    Software Engineering and Project Management
    Database Applications
  • Year 3
    Individual Project
    Management and Communications
    Advanced Database Systems and Applications
    Information and Network Security Engineering

On completion of the programme the successful graduate will enjoy a wide variety of opportunities in networking, website management, business-to-business communication and engineering solutions.

Πρόσθετες Πληροφορίες

School of Engineering & Informatics (Μηχανικών και Πληροφορικής)

Τίτλος που θα λάβω με τη λήξη των σπουδών:
Bachelor of Science (Hons)

Τρόπος Φοίτησης:
Πλήρους Φοίτησης

Διάρκεια Φοίτησης:
The BSc (Hons) in Internet Engineering and Web Management, is a 3-year full-time course, taught exclusively in the English language. Courses are offered within a two term period, with two exam periods in May and August. All courses are delivered during the weekday evenings to accommodate the needs of working students.

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